2 Ways To Get From Traffic From Your Family Law Blog Articles

When I talk with divorce and family lawyers about marketing, the number one interest they seem to have is blogging.

They are writing great content, but it doesn’t seem to be producing traffic, engagement, and a measurable impact on the growth of their law practice.

Yet, blogging is still one of the most cost-effective family law marketing strategies to generate more traffic to your website and engage with your visitors.

Blog Traffic Strategy #1 - Focus On The Title

Your title can impact your traffic in two ways.

1. Keyword Search Volume
2. Clickability of The Title

I’ll talk about these separately.

1. Keyword Search Volume

You want to consider search volume, and include keyword phrases that people are searching on.

For example, let’s say you want to do an article on how long it takes to get a divorce.

There’s a cool free tool where you can enter in your keyword phrase and find out what people are actually searching for in the search volume. It’s called UberSuggest.

I did a search on “how long will my divorce take.”

Unfortunately, that keyword phrase has a very low search volume of only 10 searches per month.

I found out from the suggestions that the phrase “how long does a divorce take” gets 2900 monthly searches on Google.

Therefore, I would want to use “how long does a divorce take” in the title of my article to optimize for those searches.

2. Click-ability of The Title

This has to do with writing titles that will cause people to choose your article over another in the search results.

8 out of 10 people will read your headline, and yet only 2 out of 3 will actually click through and read your blog. Your headline will have a significant impact on your blog traffic.


When we write family law blog articles for clients, we do A/B split testing to find the best performing headlines. This simply means that we test different headlines, and measure the traffic and engagement.

We’ve found that changes to the title of a blog article can often double, and sometimes even triple the traffic.

The following is an example from a client split test illustrates the difference your title can make.

The following is another example. Starting article titles with words like “How” or “What” will almost always outperform the alternatives. As you can see here, changing the title to begin with “What” increased engagement from 13.2% to 17.45%

The example below is also for a practice area page and not a blog article. Notice the increase in engagement by adding “Is It Right For You?”

But even if you don’t want to go as far as split-testing, here are some tips for writing better titles that they will get more traffic

Write your headline first.

Write your title first while keeping in mind what you want to communicate to the reader. Then write the article to deliver what you promised in the title.

Use words and phrases your clients use

You know your clients. You know the words they use when they talk about the problems they have. If you can include those words or phrases in your title, as well as the body of the article, you will instantly establish a connection that equates to a trust, because they will feel like you understand them.


One of the most powerful motivators to get people to want to learn more about something is curiosity. Spark curiosity with your titles. I’m not talking about click bait, but genuine curiosity.

For example, let’s say you have an article titled:
How Long Does A Divorce Take

That title takes advantage of a high-volume search phrase. That’s good. Now we need to add something that makes it click worthy so that people choose it over all of the other results.

How Long Does A Divorce Take And Why It Matters

This second title uses the high-volume keyword search phrase while adding a component to evoke curiosity.

Also, the first title above is not really a title. It’s actually more of a topic.

Most divorce lawyers don’t write titles, they write topics.

Write titles and you will get more traffic.

Blog Traffic Strategy #2 - Optimize For Length

Write blog articles that are 1800 to 10,000 words and you will get significantly more traffic, higher website ranking, and more shares on social media.

You might respond and say, “Hey, wait a minute, people have short attention spans.”

I’m not arguing with that, but we can’t argue with the numbers.

Longer articles get more shares on social media

Here is a study of the average shares by content length.

Google also ranks longer articles higher in the search results.

When someone goes to Google and searches for information, Google wants the search results they find to be the best quality and most thorough content.

This is why content that is 1800 words or more will rank higher in the organic search results and likewise get more traffic.

It is much better to write one blog that is 3000 words than 6 that are only 500 words.

If you want to get more traffic, the most effective thing you can do is stop writing new blog articles, and instead, go in and add more content to augment the ones you already have.

When you write longer blog articles, use lots of subheadings and organize the content while covering every possible facet of the topic.

For example, if you’re talking about divorce mediation, talk about what divorce mediation is, how it works, what to expect, what to bring with you, the average cost of divorce mediation, and so on.

Include two or three pictures and charts or graphs and videos if you have available.

If you find a video on YouTube, even if it’s produced by another attorney, embed it in your blog, and it will pay off big time.

You can always find a video produced by an attorney in a different jurisdiction who does not compete with you.

You may also find videos that were actually news stories that would go great with your content. Or, you can also make your own video.

It doesn’t matter that there are over 1 billion blogs on the Internet. 99.9% are not writing quality content or following these strategies.

If you do you will set yourself apart, and you will be rewarded by the search engines with more traffic.

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